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Welcome! We are truly thankful that you have visited our site. We We are supplying horse riding products made of metal and leather. Over the years, we have gained a solid reputation of work efficiency, effectiveness, dedication and utmost professionalism. We at Golden Horse are highly experienced and updated manufacturing procedures, and related issues. We make sure that you get only the best and most reliable products available.

We are pleased to introduce GOLDEN HORSE as one of the leading manufacturers and Exporters of Horse and Rider Equipment incorporated in Pakistan. We are in this business since 1998. We have vast experience in this field. We use best quality raw materials in manufacturing of our products. Our main goals are to supply high quality products with in the aggregated time frame work to our clients. Due to our strongly committed professionalism and specialization of our expertise our prices are very competitive. We wish to do the right things on the very right way at the right time, so that our products confirm by our customers satisfaction. We are too mush committed for our customers satisfaction to provide them quality products on reasonable price.

Our mission is "100% Customer Satisfaction". At present many foreign traders have contracted us as manufacturer and our products are distributed worldwide. Our dedication to constantly improving quality is the best assurance to customers.
Give us a try! we are so confident in our quality, goods and service that you will become a long-term customer. This is how many our loyal customers started.

The management of Golden Horse is working to meet and match all specific and general requirements to make the company world class in terms of compliance and conformance. In this direction we have developed, maintained and enforced all policies and procedures to regulate its corporate affairs. These parameters have been developed to inform our world class suppliers for the sake of right work place and production facilities organization in the facility. These efforts have been implemented with the vision that we should have to have equal and monolithic vision and stance to meet all requirements demanded by the consumers in developed world. This standard will provide all details in this regard according to the global vision of corporate practices.

22.04.2016: Next Event: Spoga Horse (September)
We also offer OEM services for every types of Leather and composition of leather Goods. We have the ability to create custom products for our clients and are always happy to work with our customers to develop new products and variation on existing products.
We solemnly promise that any styles that we manufacture for you will not be reproduce for another customer and not find any way to go into the other hands.